Is drinking Reverse Osmosis water healthy?

Gone are the days of getting water straight from the tap. While this is still an option, there are several other ways people prefer to get their daily water intake, including drinking purified water or reverse osmosis water. Reverse osmosis is a process that demineralizes contaminated water by passing it through a semipermeable membrane to catch harmful impurities like pesticides and chemicals. The main benefit of this is once the final product reaches your glass, it’s cleaner than regular tap water and even most bottled water.

Much like other filtered water solutions, reverse osmosis water benefits people by eliminating components like lead, bacteria, and viruses that may be present at the original source. Accessibility to fresh water that tastes crisp and delicious is important for all, but especially for those regions where the city’s water supply is not as healthy for consumption. Where tap water comes from can sometimes be passed through older pipe systems and less regulated water treatments that lead to pollutants in the water. These are removed when the water goes through the reverse osmosis process.

Another benefit is the application of the filtering system, which can be installed under a sink. There’s less plastic waste from one-time-use water bottles because clean water becomes available at the faucet. Bottled water continues to be a popular option across the globe. However, serious environmental ramifications have caused many to look for other ways to drink water regularly without leaving behind a carbon footprint. 

With a reverse osmosis water system, people can avoid the dangers of plastic water bottles and fill up reusable water bottles or other containers to get their hydration on-the-go. By eliminating or reducing the amount of bottled water consumed, we are preventing the continuation of landfill overflows and ocean pollution that’s harming these ecosystems. When compared to bottled water, opting to drink reverse osmosis water is better for your health and helps to support more eco-friendly habits. 

Drawbacks of Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water

There are a few disadvantages to consider as well when it comes to this option. The first is the level of filtration. On one hand, one of the primary reverse osmosis water benefits is removing contaminants to leave behind more purified water. However, the drawback is that in the way reverse osmosis works, it doesn’t select what it does and does not filter, which means essential minerals that are good for the body and important for the taste of the water can be removed during the filtration process. Depending on your taste this could have an effect on whether or not you like the purified water. 

Secondly, the cost and distribution of reverse osmosis water are more limited than bottled water or other purified water options. For households that have an installed system, this could equal anywhere from several hundred to several thousands of euros to own and maintain. 

Fortunately, there’s no reason to rely solely on bottled water or reverse osmosis to achieve great-tasting water that’s free of harmful contaminants. Osmosys offers the best of both worlds without having to compromise.

Advantages of Osmosys’s Intelligent Purified Water

Like reverse osmosis, the Osmo 5+ stage home water purifier by Osmosys strips away impurities, sediments, and other pollutants or particles that affect tap water. It goes through a five-step purification process to achieve great tasting drinking water. In the fourth stage, the water goes through an intelligent osmosis filter that offers similar benefits but is five times more efficient than anything else available.

In the fifth stage, the water goes through an electrolyte enhancement to restore elements including magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium, all of which are essential for healthy body functions. These added steps aren’t available in the reverse osmosis process, which is why this purification method is one of the best ways to filter water. 

Additionally, the Osmo eliminate the use of plastic waste. By using the eco-friendly system, people can fill up a reusable water glass, bottle, or jug within seconds. There’s no waiting for hours for filtration like with a reverse osmosis system. Purified water is available on-demand and dispenses faster than a drinking fountain or water cooler. It takes the lead over reverse osmosis water systems and bottled water in mineral enhancement, eco-friendliness, convenience, and efficiency.

Reverse osmosis water benefits anyone who wants to ensure they’re drinking highly purified water without using plastic bottles. Unfortunately, in some respects, you’ll have to take the bad with the good since there’s no way to prevent essential minerals from being filtered out. The plus side is there doesn’t have to be an either/or situation when it comes to the quality of your water. 

There’s a way to have it all. The water we drink has evolved from coming straight from the tap to buying bottled water and now has reached a place where purified water is available without the use of plastic or the loss of minerals and electrolytes. You can have delicious water that’s not only safe to drink, but even more beneficial than other types of drinking water. Choose a healthy water solution that gives back as much as it takes out and experience the difference.

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