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Say goodbye to plastic water bottles 

At Osmosys Water, we believe in providing a solution that's good for you and the planet. Say goodbye to plastic water bottles and hello to the best water for your home, your health, and the environment.

Why Osmosys

Clean Water

Our affordable intelligent osmosis filtration system transforms your tap water into high-quality mineral water, keeping you hydrated without the need for plastic bottles. It's easy, healthy, and sustainable.

Easy install & maintenance

Our system is connected to the internet, notifying us when your unit needs a filter change. With maintenance done by us in just 5 minutes on your schedule, Osmosys offers you the best water as a subscription. Awesome right?

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Discounts to Show Up Members

Our partnership with Show Up means you get 25 euros off a years subscription or your first month free when you sign up to our monthly subscription (code SHOWUP)

Support the Show Up Community

We give back to Show Up with every Osmosys install by you. Meaning more conscious connections at Sunrise  across the globe

Barcelona & Lisbon

With more Show Up locations to be serviced soon!

Good for you. 

Good for our planet

Keep being conscious with how you Show Up!

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