Filter Swap

Changing the filters is quick and easy: 
Simply remove the old filter, insert the new one, and enjoy fresh, great-tasting water. 
No tools needed, just a few minutes of your time to ensure continuous purity and flavour.

1. Remove 
The Old Filter

Please remove the transparent front cover. You can find the CP Filter (1) on the top and the RO Filter (2) on the bottom. Rotate the filter you want to change counter clockwise and pull it out at the same time.

2. Insert 
The New Filter

Start with a slight rotation of the filter counter clockwise while at the same time enter it into your OsmoFlow. When its reaching the back wall push and rotate the filter clockwise until the handle is vertical.

3. Reset your OsmoFlow

Select: when the system is powered on, press “Reset”
for 3 seconds, the buzzer will beep and you can start to select the filter
you want to change. Press the “Reset” button to change between the filters and the selected filter lifetime indicator will flash. 
Reset: after selecting the filter, press the “Reset” button for 3 seconds.
You will hear a beep. The selected filter’s indicator will return to a blue/white light, which means the filter is successfully reset. If you do not operate within 10 seconds, it will automatically exit this mode and resume normal display.

 Having trouble?

If the filter is expired, the buzzer will keep beeping when producing water to remind users of replacing the filters. Filter life may vary depending on source water quality and water usage.

Check the filter lifetime indicator

A. Indicator constant lit in blue/white: the filter is normally working

B. Indicator flashed in red: the filter lifetime is about to be expired (remaining lifespan <5%)

C. Indicator constant lit in red: the filter is expired

Reset the Filter

Accidentally reset the wrong filter?

Revocation of reset: select the wrong-operated filter, long press “Reset” and “Flush” buttons for 3 seconds. The buzzer will beep for 3 times. The filter indicator will return to the color status before reset. (Note: the reset can be revoked within 5 minutes. If the system is powered off after the reset, the revocation will be invalid.)